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O'Cammariello is situated on the slopes of Benincasa, a small village belonging to the municipality of Vietri sul Mare.

The farm is at the southern extremity of the Amalfi Coast in a protected area called the Comunità dei Monti Lattari and it overlooks the Gulf of Salerno and the Divine Coast. In this extraordinary setting, we cultivate lemons, olives and fruit following strictly organic methods.

The most highly regarded produce of the farm are the “Sfusato Amalfitano“ lemons, which have been granted a protected brand recognition (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) and these are the lemons used for the production of the traditional liqueur of the Amalfi Coast; limoncello, which is made by Shaker, the family business .

The favourable position of the property and the excellent climate mean that the fruit orchard affords generous crops which are used in the making of the traditional liqueurs and jams.

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The olive grove extends across the whole property and is comprised of two autochthonous varieties, the Rotondella and the Frantoioana which, once pressed, deliver up an intense, fragrant and high quality oil singular to olives which are organically grown.

The desire to promote the area in all possible ways among which the production of liqueurs , foods and wines, encouraged us to add an excellent local wine to our range of products. Cauli’ a white wine of quality, from a blend of Faiano and Falanghina grapes, both of which grow on the property, will shortly be available.

Our guests can taste the products and directly purchase the following on site: Liqueurs of lemon, bay leaf, fennel, mandarin orange, the wine, our excellent olive oil, the jams and preserves.

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